Faery Gardens Circle

Faery Gardens is our Sacred Circle, based on a blending of traditions. Our Rituals are designed to conform to the teachings of Novus Pagan, and preformed in such a way as to allow all in attendence to practice their own beliefs.

All Rituals are opened by casting the circle with Athame, Salt, and Sage, then Calling the Quarters, We then Invoke the Goddess and God, Tell the story of the season, then we symbolically preform the Great Rite ( Athame to Chalice ), Make Offerings of Bread and Ale. Then we take time for each person in attendence to make personal offerings to their deities. Once time has passed, we dismiss the quarters and open the circle.

Our approach to Ritual may be different then ones you have attended, because our rituals are designed for groups, but maintain the ability of the individual to also perform a solo ritual with-in the group.

We typically will hold both Skyclad, and robed rituals for each Sabbat. Skyclad Rituals are restricted to those who have demonstrated a level of understanding of our beliefs, and shown proper respect to our circle. Robed Rituals are more open to visitors, but all are by invite only, But, You MAY ask to be invited to our robed Rituals.

The only real restriction we place on attendees is that you must follow a light path, we have no interest in dark art Pagans attending Faery Gardens Circles.